Bludgeoned to Life

Away I go, on this journey to find home,
A Utopian concept in the making
This solace kick starts my un-breaking
Of this ideal of a prosperous time
When mother's words made my heart chime
And the world didn't seem so dire a place
The truth of its cruelty is one to be faced.

I am not alone, as I've been told
But here I am, with nothing to hold
My sanity together, my being aligned
To feel as I did, this is what I pine
But fantasy and things to be, remain just that,
so far from me.

A heretical time, a heretical place
For you, for me, this will in case
All the fairness that we deserve
To tell anyone would be absurd.

For happiness isn't a tangible state
Without the torment, the love and the hate.
It's a force, a will, a being in itself
For now, I'll place it on the shelf
And life will continue on
Like a repetitive, love-sick song
That ends with triumph, with pride and ease
But for me, this feeling, can never be .

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