I hold my breath in empty space
It echoes in return.
I open my eyes to see the sun,
The light begins to burn.
The air it chokes inside my throat,
It catches in my chest.
As I intake the salt of the sea,
It burns beneath my breast.
It grips, and strips
It shakes and quakes,
Until I cannot stand.
And I find myself drowning on top of solid land.

I feel the life slip from my body,
My skin begins to freeze.
And as I see the sky go black,
I cannot smell the breeze.
The salt sticks to my skin,
The thirst, it drinks me dry.
The ocean goes and comes again,
And takes with it, the sky.

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This Poems Story

I wrote this poem to describe that painful sensation when you've been so deeply wounded air even becomes hard to breathe. There is a pain that cuts so deep, the more you attempt to speak, the further it feels you are drowning inside of yourself.