I drifted down the hallway
wearing my favorite disguise.
It is a long wash of blue hues
that catch the light
in all the right places.
The folds in the fabric
are dark as a mid-summer night, but
not nearly as warm.
It is multi-faceted, and it is
anyone who wanted to
would only have to peel back
one layer to find it.
But they never do.
They just turn the fabric
in their hands
and watch it sparkle
under the fluorescents.
They ask me where I got it.
I made it myself, I say,
full of pride.
And when they ask how,
I tell them earnestly,
it was a difficult task.
But in reality,
it was so easy.
There was no work
to do…
I just lay down
in my bed,
watching the shadows
play on the ceiling.
I listened to the silence.
I spoke not even to the wind.
And while I was sleeping,
every day, dreaming,
it wove itself tighter
stretched itself longer,
turning ever more
It was years in the making,
but I hardly even noticed
until it was nearly complete.

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