Blue and Red

Blue and Red
By: Cheyenne Middleton

Did you you ride off into the sunset
And fall into the arms of amazing grace?
Did you find your father with blood still on your face?
Did you know that your problems are no longer your own?
They now belong now to two little girls,
two little girls far from being grown.
Did the pull of the trigger bring you to your knees?
Did it all end in instant?
Or are you now the force that blows the trees?
Did you at least make right with God?
We’re you standing bare naked in front of him,
without the cover of your facade?
What did you want to accomplish when you die?
Did you know you couldn’t hold your daughters
When it’s for you that they uncontrollably cry.
May you find peace among the dead
Rest comfortably in your self made bed
I hope you were able to silence the demons.
The demons screaming inside your head
Me? I will forever be seeing blue and red.

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