Blue Flame Star

We are all stars burning true, flames so blue.
I got the clue to pray hard and push on through another night.
Fire so bright. Bleeding sky rains, lightning flashes.
I catch a glimpse of it all.
Autumn scents overwhelm my senses.
Racing to deploy the message to my boy.
Embrace now the skylit frame still ,
as if it were your last memory free from shame.
Past be gone now no regrets. Time to unfold fresh mind for my soul
Carry new flames burning blame and doubt to ash in the urn.
See the worm on my hook squirms. Watch it squirm.
Fish delicous, nutritious, baits doomed to feed me ,
that i may be granted another lover,
For my life discover meaning and purpose like no other,
free of mothers rejection.
Worries fade with my jade as i remind twisted sign and crooked spine.
Believe, breathe, achieve greatness beyond the stars to new heights,
delights no fights.
Love and joy ahead as my new head adjusts my lusts no more disgust.
Listen friend the answer here after all the years .
My fears switch gears ,wipe my tears away
forevermore golden upward bound to my star so blue and true.

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