Intermittent changes do take place,
Whether on earth or in outer space.
Estimation of man’s ability proved wrong,
An August occasion or was it in July?
Rough block of stone, turned to salt.
Much ado about nothing, your Grace.
Young people open-eyed to things,That
Jades even the most innocent of lambs.
Eve had her apple, and Adam had his eye,
Approbation was given by the serpent.
Numbers of the first column,
Seven times seven doesn’t always equal forty-nine.
Expressly repudiate the church’s teaching;
Vacuous minds are a thing of the present.
Estimation of man’s ability proved right,
Rabble of the city took note.
Young shoots of new grass, firmly planted,
Wither and die from lack of water.
Harmonious morning chorus of birds,
Enjoying life, singing songs so gay.
Ready to leave at a moment’s notice.
Estimation of man’s ability proved neither.
Individuality is what made this man.
Goaded by a desire to keep warm in the wet fields,
Onerous burden,he accepted and won it all.

Written January 7, 1982

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