Blue Paper Smells Good

Horses love to eat hay
Can you please like me
I like when you hug me
But I have digestion problems.

Triangles love people
Yet, I feel empty
Why can I see dead people
And you look really happy.

You light up my world
Waves are pretty cool
Snowflakes falling down
I hate sand.

Orange pens are really annoying
Can you do a handstand?
California is a big state
What a nice bun you have

Got milk? I don’t
White water, eww
Sticky goo is fun
Why can’t I eat a pool ball?

Cut your nails i hate them
Donkey’s shouldn’t talk
She likes you by the way
I don’t have time for this

Stress, S. T. R. E. S.
Why are you like this?
I feel very creative
What did you say, Paul?

Houses are better than people
That’s why I have a cane.
Menthol is my weakness
Oops I knocked it over.

Why are trash bags skin color?
Tybalt! You saucy boi
Where does infinity stop?
Can i have a cake too?

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