Blue porcelain china and whiskey suit each other

To my Soho sweetheart:

For the world, breathless intentions carry moods

But it’s ghastly figure reigns shrewd

No luck nor lust

What you accuse of me is often true

As stone I seem to you

My Soho sweetheart, deny me no more

I feel, vividly and ferociously

To you I adorn

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This Poems Story

So this is mostly about me putting up a wall to someone I want to be with. It's hard for me to break these walls but on the inside, I care greatly about this person. The title is referring to their blue eyes and my "whiskey" brown eyes. You don't here brown being described nicely usually but whiskey gives you a strong and vivacious feeling when you think of it. Yet alone thinking of whiskey as a color is interesting and really pretty when you look at it.