Blue Prince

Blue prince.
Blue like a sea that's really brown and green.
You are not a king.
You bleed no royal blood.
Sick little urchin.
Stop waving your blue flag in front of my eyes,
you're not prince like, or hero like, or savior like.
You wave your blue flag, weep your blue sorrows
like inky blue indigo octopus ink
clouding into a storm on my ocean floor.
I don't want it. Take it back. Take it all back until you are ready
to own your blue and your green and your brown.

Don't you get it, watery fellow? A blue prince does not exist.
I'll fight the tide to reach you.
I'll plunge through silver seas, let every frozen wave break
upon my spine to reach you,
but when I emerge from its foam,
barnacles will grip my fingernails.
Seaweed will cling to my hair,
and teetering crabs will be my crown of jewels.
No blue but my blue cheeks, chattering teeth.
No proof but right now
as I retch an spit and try to get rid of you,
and your salty flavor refuses
to be cleaned from my tongue.

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