Blue Skies

Blue skies with puffy clouds flying by
I sit and watch the Crows dine
Thinking back overtime and realize that I have rarely sat
and watched, always too busy to feel the presence of no time

Now it seems time is those clouds flying, swirling
fast they go
It is hard to remember when I was going faster than the days
Able to jump small buildings, take on the corporate room,
and smile for all

Now I barely raise my head before the day has gone
And each week is covered in dust before
I can get out the Pledge

Is it me I wonder, or is the earth really moving faster
What has happened to time - spinning faster, out of control
Stealing my weeks, days, hours and minutes
Pushing me forward to what end?

I really only want to sit and watch the clouds
like cotton dance across the sky
And see on what the crows dine
Knowing that each day will take
the appropriate amount of time

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