Blue Steele

I feel the cold iron on my neck
As the culprit paces back and forth
I flinch in fear as to when
As to when they will pull the trigger
As I sit there with sweat running down my face
I cry,
I cry because I am caught
Caught within a broken society and,
Now I will die in hell
I look for a way
But none came up to par
Again and again they pace back and forth
Pace back and forth with their Blue Steele
Lost with time the culprit disappear
They disappear into their insanity
So as they disappear
I became stronger
I conquered my fear
I took the Blue Steele
They returned to sanity
And we battled
Whose blood is this
I touch my body
I feel and see blood
but no hole
The culprit is dead
No longer can they hold the Blue Steele
Because the culprit was me

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