blue trees

long ago where blue trees hath grow
is where i knew i was destined to go.

dancing in the wind, their branches sway
i moved alongside them as they took me away.

lost under the spell of the magical trees
i unlocked the secret without any keys.

a dying species unknown to man;
their leaves are drooped for their moribund clan.

quickly i thought, and gathered fallen seeds,
planting them in soil to quiet their pleas.

motioning them to join, i start to move
i leap and twirl with something to prove.

a sprout pops up - and then another!
rising up above as its roots fall under.

the earth trembles greatly beneath unclad feet,
but i keep myself stable and dance to the beat.

the wind is our song, and we dance with grace
as the new trees gather strength whilst matching our pace.

dazzling blue leaves shimmer underneath the sun
the trees are grateful for what i had done.

i bow politely, then take my leave,
content that they now have nothing to grieve.

my story with the blue trees has come to an end,
but i’ll never forget the ones of whom i befriend.

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