Blue Vs. Pink

Baby girls wrapped in pink and baby boys wrapped in blue.
A color assigned at birth that tells who is who.
Do you get to be blue, strong and bold?
Or do you get to be pink, soft and does as told?
We like to claim that this is no longer our mindset,
But when you work for a dollar guess what I get.
I get 75 cents for the same job you do,
The only difference is you were born blue.
Same qualifications but I was born pink,
People still argue that this wage gap and gender don't link.
How is it fair that same job and same skills but you make more money,
People respect you but then turn around and call me hunny.
This isn't the only thing that isn't fair;
It's unladylike for me but perfectly fine for you to swear.
Oh boys will be boys that's what they say,
Code for we're blues and can treat you anyway.
Don't get upset if he grabs you from behind,
That just proves we're sensitive, we shouldn't pay him any mind.
So I was born pink and you born blue,
I'll work as hard but there will be more opportunities for you.
170 years since we began this fight;
Why do I still have to argue my human rights?

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