In a shoal of yellowfish there is a bluefish
She rolls in between waves and makes some bubbles, following the flow
Unlike others, she has eight seconds of memory
She swims to a yellowfish and wishes to make friends
But her friends would always forget who she is before she does
She then swims back with sorrow, but forgets the reason of her sorrow
She moves on, though
She would keep trying until she gets tired and falls asleep
and continues the next morning
One day, she meets another bluefish in the choral
The first second she sees him, the next second they fall in love
The third second they hold hands
The fourth second they dance
The fifth and sixth second they have the happiest time in their lives
The seventh second he kisses her
Tick, time resets, he looks at her with confusion
It turns out that he doesn't have the eighth-second memory
Eventually, the extra second is torment

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