Blues Eyes

She has captivating crisp crystle blue eyes
Her eyes were as deep as the ocean
Her smile lit up a dark hallway
Her laugh was so unique that's every time you hear it
You could not help but smile
Everyday you fell deeper and deeper in love with her
You fell in love with who she was
The corky smile, bright eyes, and her love for comic books
You fell in love with the way she walked
The way she talked
The way she said your name
You fell in love with her
Nevertheless, every day you kept those feelings to yourself
Never once did you tell her how crazy you were about her
Just like that
Her body once full of life, now completely drained of energy
Her captivating crisp crystle blue eyes, now empty
Her smile no longer there
The girl you loved was gone
You never told her
You never told her how madly in love with her you were
She put that gun up to her head and pulled the trigger
She pulled the trigger thinking that no one loved her
But you did
Your biggest regret in life was not telling her
I guess the moral of the story is
Don't wait
If you love someone, tell them

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