Maybe my presence is just a potent reminder, of your loss of control over yourself, a shattering of composure

Could be why you hate me & how our past love has only become a fuzzy blur

We can't pick up the pieces, when they've disentegrated this bad
All we can do is move on, so we'll never give in to being constantly sad

There was once a color-filled rainbow, in our sky, only now, it's gone away

There's not much else for us to hope for, couple-wise & not much else to say

It's always worth the climb, up mountains, to find buried strength & resolve
Now, that we've reached separate plateaus, we can't help but to evolve

This hasn't been a peaceful journey, the climb has been real hard & 

if my only way to help you, is to sacrifice myself, baby, I've already thrown that card

I still, never want to think that you're somewhere, crying, with tattoo tears in your eye
And I never want to hear that you're in a hopeless state or just barely getting by

I know that we've learned from every decision, every mistake,

Whether or not we ever choose to admit it, there's a lesson, for us both to take


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