I have been through
mad different journeys
finding my way
I know happy days
are not faraway
if I'm strong enough
to see my kids
do something more constructive
with their time than me
I know
because I've been there
I'm sitting back
and looking of how I got here
first came the drama
with my estranged mother
so I left and told myself
I'm gonna be that seed
that don't need much to succeed
I'm a unique breed
I have a heart that doesn't bleed
all ready for the world that I thought I was
back in 2003 when I caught a bus
I was thinking about how short I was
going to fast
it wouldn't last
and I could not tell
I found love
in an institution
I wasn't fully prepared
for the task and so I failed
putting me in a situation
forcing me to be a man
when I just understood
a little to be a helping hand
damn I wonder why
my father just left
when my grandmothers
chased him away
I wonder did he leave without a fight
without protest ?
does he think about me at night
that ain't the half
stuff got worse older
actions became bolder
my heart grew colder
I didn't need a clique
because I didn't trust people that much
I use to drink and have nice times
just to get by
I want to write a book
but I'm so messed up...

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