Body Language

Hear my thoughts; enter my mind-
Shocked you may be by the Hell you will find.
Take a walk in my shoes; take away this abuse.
Please, look at me; look me deep in the eyes-
Can't you see the despair? Don't you hear how I cry?
I am screaming at you; I am trapped inside.
Emotional, mental, physical destruction;
No exchanging of words; no time for discussion.
Reaching out- I can barely breathe.
Fear arises- there is flush in my cheeks.
Tears run freely, searing my skin,
I peer through my fingers- sickened by grins.
Exhausted; I crave to feel loved- I crave support.
My body starts to crumble; my vision distorts.
Cradled I suddenly feel- my head all out of sorts.
You lifted me up, you helped me stand,
Strength is felt- I take hold of your hand.
Using my voice, I speak up;
No more silence- I am no longer hidden.
You have opened my eyes; I am not alone.
I am no longer broken- my heart has been sewn.
You saw beneath my outer disguise-
Your read the truth from within my eyes.
No longer a victim- I have survived.
Thanks to you, I am here;
I am alive.

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