Body of Jealousy

One day the hand said to the ear
"What I would give to be like you,
To be on the head and do as you do"
Said ear to hand, "No, no you wouldn't.
Nothing would be better than to be a foot."
Feet do run and feet do dance,
Why, I'd be a foot given the chance."
Then Foot piped in and gave his two cents.
He said, "Feet are made for more than just to dance.
We walk in grime and bear a geat load,
I'd like to be an eye and on the face abode."

Then in stormed an angle, unsatisfaction did detect
And these words of wisdom began to interject
"The Lord has made you, each for a purpose.
All with different qualities for his divine service.
What would you be if you were all eye, foot, or hand?
I know you would not make that of a man.
Man needs you all to clap, dance, and sing.
How would he do that if you were each the same thing?"

Conviction from God by and angle was sent,
Made all parts of the body to Jesus repent.
Now they are forgiven and ready to serve,
Being happy with what God made them is what they have learned

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