This is not a poem,this is a protest

This is a protest. A rebellion, a middle finger and a creed. Do not let them define or categorize you. Be a drop of free water. Change form. Be a living art, which defeats any adjective. Empty your cup that it may be refilled. Renew yourself. Edit yourself, write your story - with new font, and add twists and scenes. Change your handwriting, your tone, your shape. Change your walking style. Change your diet. Shave and grow beards. Shine your shoes green. Dye them red. Walk bare. Take a walk at midnight. Sleep sprawled like a spider. Sleep in the day, wake up at night. Have breakfast for dinner, have dinner for lunch, have lunch for breakfast. Date a bald woman. Marry a nun. Marry an idea. Love solitude, betroth solitude. Solitude is priceless. Invite the homeless to your party. Play war songs, funeral songs, lullabies. Snub your wealthy friends. Be a monk. Keep a clowder of cats. Take a selfie with owls. Learn from your dog, from children. Create a new language. Create a fictional character and date her. Give a frog a right of way. Be a hero to a cafe bird -free it. Hug trees. Spend a weekend nude in your house. Carry your spoon to the restaurant. Render it useless and use hands. Laugh till it hurts. Say the truth and don't bother defending it. Be a knight of light and friend of God. Do a senseless act of kindness and do not look back to be thanked. Be a blacksmith of hope and defender of the oppressed. Resist ignorance. Throw away the clutches of mediocrity. Disagree, look deep into their cornea, delve into the pupil and tell them -you are lying. Break from dogma and test new methods. Reinvent it, you’re the medic of your greatness-it is your life, it is not a spectacle, live it truly, it is an ebbing candle and eternal light-bound to the stars. It is your life in this shore and you are a co-creator of its eternity. It is your life, it is unfolding now and every passing hand of time - a second, a minute is the chronicles of your living days and the ancestor of your present. And this is a rebellion, a protest, a middle finger and exercise of liberty.

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This is a self-revolution.