If you can see my thoughts or capture my memories, you will see yourself in a series of mirrors. You all I think about time and time again even when I don’t want to.
It’s more like a curse, but you’re the blessing. My mind is all about you; it’s never resting. Run to me! But You run not!
I’m like the Bogeyman to you, you rather watch me rot. I don't blame you. I mean I’m no Bogeyman, but he is my mentor, his method is everything I work towards.
To linger close and hidden where you always be, what the Bogeyman and I have in common is you frightened of me.
You might run from my heart once I pour it out to you. Your hands are sweaty once you touch mine rather it's an accident or done on my purpose.
You have this eerie emotion once you spot my presents,
I am your Bogeyman!
I rather depart from your being, but it’s harder than I thought. Even when I close my eyes, I see you and only you.
I open them. And there you go, blinding me again. You can't even be my friend, this what I’m feeling is an orthodox sin.
Boogeyman is more scared of you than you are of it. I can relate. I'll be scared, and I think you'll be scared if you’re finally aware how much I really care.
I can relate to the Bogeyman.
Because I fear you too, even though it is me lingering you, hiding behind my thoughts when you don't have any clue, I want you to fear me too.
I can relate to the Bogeyman.
Yelling out, “Boo!”
When you get closer to the truth.
I can relate to the Bogeyman.
When you're sleeping, I think about you way more than you can ever think about me.
That one dream of yours, you said I was in was pity, because you're in a million of mine that constantly rewinds in my mind.
Once I dreamt, we constantly intertwine…
I can relate to the Bogeyman.
We know way before you accept, you'll judge us instead, hard and long because society says it's wrong
Me, you,
No, us.
Or the Bogeyman.
So, we stay hidden. I can relate to the Bogeyman.
The Bogeyman hides and I hide the feelings I kept. And you relate to the Bogeyman because you’ve accepted what society have to say.
You've accepted to hide the feelings and emotions you almost kept. You rather bury them and hide your true self.
You and I relate to the Bogeyman.

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