Boggy Twilight

Coalescing tangles of gnats rise and fall using up the last
of a dying day's energies in the light cast between
the low shrubs and pine of a serene Florida evening.

Squirrel and frog calls carry across swampy distances
as mosquitoes undertake the thirsty search
and a mockingbird's song is sung before
the nightly cast begin their shift
under pale rising moonlight.

Damp Spanish moss begins to change its gentle sway
as a breeze arrives from the Atlantic,
cool with the smell of faint ocean salt
and all of the surrounding decay.

Alligator eyes, piercing, floating amongst the pale green
of lilies and algae watch a lone weary and anxious deer saunter
out aside a somber old sagging oak to drink
from the night's murky ale.

Raccoons and muskrats chatter shyly and reveal themselves
behind mossy cypress to peel back the muddy sheets
of the marsh's bank for my life to return
whence it came.

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