Bombs from Hell

Living in a world of joy
Cradling my baby boy
I notice an aching pain in my side
And I must abide.
I hear a joyous sound in the room
And my womb begins to bloom.
And the birth of a new child has taken place.
We celebrate the birth.
But I see what they call an ace.
And every place is in haste
I hear whistling sounds in the sky
And people begin to die.
People say it's because of spies
Or maybe even lies
I hear a cry
And I begin to pry, pry and pry
But I can't get out.
I begin to doubt.
And fingers of fire begin to sprout
Things are burning
People are dying
By now I know
That bombs from hell have commenced
Have taken over.
And the world
Has come to an end.

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This Poems Story

I dedicate this poem to all the people who were ever killed in bombings. I also dedicate it to Alison and Davin Carr-Chellman whose fault it was that I have such knowledge. I also dedicate this to Mark Toci who has given me all the common knowledge I need to make it through life. My last dedication is to Colin Chellman who has inspired me to become successful and funny like him. At last, a micro-autobiography: My name is Jules Carr-Chellman. I live in State College, PA. I am a boy scout in Troop 375. I love the internet, video games, people, food, and social events.