bon appetit

Long ago in a farm along the way
There was a small pig who was as pretty as the day
Her tail was curly
Her skin was pink
The porker was Mary Marley
From the farm La Trink
The farmer was a very old man
And not very fast that to understand
Mary had a sister and brother
They cared for her like no other
Though they both agreed that she is adorable
The poor little swine was quite gullible
The Brother was grey and a name of Greg
He was known for his scars and his peg leg
To those who had wonder what had happened to him
Greg would answer that his fate was less grim
For he was young a child at least
When he came face to face with a hungry beast
The creature attacked him in a very fast pace
But in the end beast was met with a mace
He warned his sister that if a creature acts too sweet
That it could be a monster saying "bon appetit"
During this time in the woods
There was a creature that the birds called a hood
He was known as Hungry Ringo
A deadly and clever Dingo
Ringo was getting tired of his prey being chased
He would rather not keep pace
And even if his prey could run all day
All the fat would fade away
So he made a plan that would be real slick
Instead of hunting he would do a trick
Make the meal think he is his best friend
And then they would soon meet a nasty end
He heard of a pig that was very cute and sweet
Ringo can't wait to have her to eat
Travel down to the farmlands
And saw that the pig could use a few hands
He went up to the fence which had bird holes in between
And greeted Mary with a 'you are the prettiest creature I have ever seen'
Mary's cheeks went Rosy and went up to the beast
"Well thank you, Mister
My name is Mary, not May to confused with my sister
May I know your name at least" She asked with a smile
The Dingo showed quite a gentleman style
"My name is Ringo, my dear
I know of your name sweet creature
The birds had told about you
And it brought me here to you that is true." The cunning predator said with a grin
"My dear Mary, what you doing in this inn"
"This my home
Where the sheep, cows, chickens and pigs roam" Mary told Ringo
This had interested the clever dingo
Why have one little pig
Where he could have a lot more to dig
But he needed a was to get through the gate
He had an Idea to have Mary think he is his future mate
By the time she figures it out it would be too late
So the Dingo from time to time
Came by the fence to visit Mary with her favorite fruit Lime
Mary fell in love thinking he is sweeter
Not knowing that he was a hungry meat eater
It would be soon after past tense
When Sweet little Mary would open the fence
The Dingo gave a complain that the day could not be hotter
"Could you go down to the river and give me some water
We will need the energy to be able to elope
I will speak to your brother so he will be able to cope"
Mary did that and left right away
Not knowing that this would be their final day
The porker returned with water in the shell
But horror she had seen no one dared to tell
From a small hill with a pig far fairer
Was the sight of what became of her home was pure terror
Ringo was not a sweet and full a fun
He killed the farm animals, every last one
With tears in her eyes, Mary had fled
And she had remembered on what her brother had said
'if a creature acts too sweet'
'That it could be a monster saying "bon appetit"'
She kept running till she heard a loud snore
The pig saw through the bush a large tusked boar
Mary went up to the sleeping boar's horn
The boar woke up thinking it was morn
He looked at the pretty pig with a pretty feature
"What brings you here, lovely little creature"
"Oh large pig, oh gee
Please hear my sad little plea
A Dingo has brought me strife
My families fate is grim"
The Boar spoke, "If you agree to be my wife
I will end him"
"Oh thank you kind sir
Thank you for giving me a home" Mary thanked as the large creature moan
"Make sure in my den my family you don't stir
And I'll make sure Ringo won't Roam
With his final breath, he will atone"
With that being said he storms off in the woods
making sure that Ringo was gone for good
As The small porker quietly entered inside
She tried not to scare his family enough to hide
But when sunlight went in
Mary did not grin
For she saw what the boar had done
He had killed and ate his family ate every one
She saw the skulls line up in strife
For there was a spot for his new wife
The porker did not delay
She made sure to get far away
But then Mary saw the two who wanted her to be cook
Planning on eating her with a cookbook
With the two fought to see who gets the soon to be eaten pig on their shoulder
That is when she saw an unstable boulder
Mary pushed the rock as hard as she could
It slid done with a shook and made the whole earth stood
After Mary had won the battle
She soon married one a the vegetarian cattle
Although she was wiser and still very sweet
Mary remembered to be careful of who she trusted
Or like her brother had mustered
that if a creature acts too sweet
That it could be a monster saying "bon appetit"

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