Every action i do, makes my life a bigger mess;
I can only resort to my razor, biting into my flesh.
Its pain brings me, much needed serenity;
If one slit isn't enough, then i'll do plenty.
You think i do this, because i wish to die;
When in reality, it saves my life.
I do it to save myself;
I don't need your false words to help.
When i do it, all my emotional pains;
Seem to disappear, it all drains.
The weight of the world, i will not succumb;
I'm better left alone, feeling numb.
Not feeling hurt or confused,
Only occurs when a piece of metal is used.
You can never part, two dear friends;
We'll stick together, until the very end.
It's amazing, the power it now has on me;
A life without it, is a life that can never be.
At times i wonder, will my skin ever again be pure?
And do i ever want to give it up? Sure.
Until then, i must go on;
And appreciate my cure, my lustful bond...

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