There was this girl, not long ago
who thought maybe if she cut
down on eating, just a tad bit,
she'd get to see her bones

She waited for the weight
to float off but it stayed
she didn't like it, not one
bit, so she decided to
put it away

she quit eating at school
to see what it would do,
and she lost a few pounds too
she started to "forget" about
eating at all, "whats a few days?"
she said, "i'll be bony and small."

She started to count her ribs
one by one each day
and she got compliments
she loved how they stared
and never swayed

she started to get tired and weak,
she started to look pale and
white, her skin shined,
literally, because her bones
were sticking out for everyone to see

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This Poems Story

Its about anorexia/ bulimia