Bonfire for Man

I watch the fire roar with glee,

for in it, is.... tranquility.

Upward, upward, into the skies!

No shame left for any to hide.

Hearts lifting with world's gladness,

ending tomorrow's world madness.

I feel the heat cleanse me within,

taking with it my doubts and sin.

For the people have thrown away,

all their crutches of life everyday.

We now stand on our own two feet.

Waiting, all for the dawn to meet.

All religion, booze, drugs and pills,

into the fire! Burn on still!

Forever creating free will.

Inside, what a glorious thrill!

Oh, what a fine day it will be!

When man is finally set free.

This vision I pray God, to see,

That finally, reality.


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    This Poems Story

    A poem based on a dream about seeing the crutches in our world…….and what a better place this world would be without the crutches.