Beach bear...beach bear, creeping over the jetty
We spy your shadow through the smoke
The waves lapping at your figure
Attention back to the blaze before us.

Puff, puff. We inhale the natural spirit of the night.
Bundled little morsels, strumming, humming.
The beach bear comes closer.
Munch, munch.
Fresh smores ooze out the crevices of our eager lips.

We catapult mini mallows across the flames.
They litter the sand, uncoordinated receptacles.
The beach bear comes closer.

Shake, shake. Rattle, rattle.
The tambourine is going, the conversation flowing.
Peripherals focus on the shadowy figure.
And the beach bear comes closer.
Crackle, crackle embers fly. We sit criss-cross, apple sauce.
Does he want to eat us?

Smoke clears, here he is, but it is no beach bear.
Just a homeless man asking for cans.
"Hi I'm Ted."
I wish it was a beach bear.

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