Book of Life

As I lay here, watching my kids sleep.
I remember why I'm strong and shouldn't be so weak.
I think of all the times I've had; the good ones and the bad.
And suddenly I feel like super woman with tears of joy and not sad.
These little kids are exactly what I need in this lifetime.
As long as I have their love, everything will always be just fine.
Without their smiles and their loud outbursts of laughter....
I feel so empty inside just like a book without one chapter.
Life is a journey; one that didn't begin for me till I had all three.
My kids are the most important job I have, and are a special part of me.
Without them, my life is incomplete and has no meaning.
With them, my heart melts and my eyes are bright gleaming.
My angels sleep well as I watch them dream.
I love having my babies on me and gods team.
I tear up when I look at them but only because of pure magic
I know that things could have ended up worse; like pure tragic.
We may not have much at all, no not anymore...
But we have each other; that's priceless, and that's for sure.
Now I should sleep but I can't because I watch them breathe.
Praying for them, never wanting them to grow up, or leave.
I sang to them as they were drifting off to dreamland.
They said their prayers with me each if us hand in hand.
I'm blessed you see because God loves me, he gave me them.
And in return I will love and forever be grateful to him.
God is good all the time and god loves you too not just me.
He is here by my side also watching them sleep.
And is happy as well for how much we have overcome.
Acceptance and forgiveness of it all; what's done is done.
And moving forward; the strength he instilled upon us.
So our future is brighter with much greater success.
Thank you Lord for you have given me a reason.
To beathe, to live, to love, to celebrate each season.
My kids are my world, they are my everystuffs!
Holding them tight, I just can't get enough.
And I love the glisten in my heart they bring.
The longer I watch them the more my soul sings.
Looking at them now, I know I have everything I need.
Because without them; it only made my heart bleed.
Now a novel is being written, a movie in the making!
My time, my love, my life is fully taking....
Slowly but surely I have a greater outlook on life.
And the reason is for my kids, not for me to be a wife.
I thought I was scared to live; now I'm more afraid to die.
Because it would break them and I never even want them to cry.
So now I lay me down to sleep. I pray dear Lord also watch me breathe.
Please don't be ready just yet for me to leave.
I'm ready to live and live for you and them.
So as I write my own book, I start to live again.
Ready and willing for the devils not welcome around here no more.
Cuz now he can't even get through this door.
God has his coat of armour and wings surrounding us.
And I know without a doubt that I can finally trust.
We are safe and happy with God by our side.
And sleeping peacefully with joyful tears they've cried.
Thank you Lord for this time in space.
There is nothing that can make me happier than their embrace.
But if I shall die before I wake.
Please Lord God, I pray my soul to take.
Sweet babies of mine you are my heroes.
You save me, create me, and protect my toes.
So thank you to my babies that are sound asleep.
In my heart and soul is a place you will always keep.
I love you Aliseah, Colby, and Jayden
Good night and amen.
I'm glad God wins....

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