By Roberts   

As you flip through pages
It'll take ages
For you to realize
That all of your cries
Are wasted

I'll look at myself
I'll put the book on the shelf
I'll wipe my tears
My book may take years

So look at me
Am I truly full of glee?
I thought you could be trusted
But now I see that you're rusted

My heart is not made of glass
I will not pass
I will not take or break
So stop trying to be a snake

My heart may shatter but it will mend
And you my friend,
Have a lesson to learn
So do not yearn

Because no one will hear you
So do stop the lies and be true
Tell me an insult, and I'll smile
Please stop being so vile

So close your book
I know someone took
A thing that you loved
But I have something beloved

Its called my heart
And I'm also quite smart
So don't coming running for me
You'll be saying plea after plea

They say girls are made of sugar and spice and all things nice
But trust me I can be as cold as ice
So turn your back and say goodbye
Because I don't want to hear you cry

I almost fell for your trap
But in your heart there's a gap
So put your book on the bookcase
And if I see your face

I might as well tear my heart into two
Because you make me blue
But my book will have plenty of more pages
And my story still wages

But I'll live on
Until I'm drawn
To my very doom
But my heart still has room

Your book is over
I wonder if you have any heart leftover
But my book still has a great adventure
I still have a ways to venture

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