A book is something beautiful.
It's not only a collection of pages, but a passage into the heart.
It is to console what cannot be consoled,
To express the expressionless,
To bring a dream onto paper and watch people rejoice with each word.
It is to bring you into another world, another dimension,
To wrap you up and pull you in,
To make you cry, laugh, scream, doubt, love.
It is a lost art, brought back in many forms.
It's to make you believe the impossible,
To give you hope that the world is not doomed,
To make you see the beauty within everything,
To help you imagine,
To bring happiness into your life.
A book is not just a thing, no.
It is a gift to the world,
Wrapped up in a nice leatherbound bow.
Whether you want to hear history or see the future,
To watch young men die or old men survive,
To see the magic in every word, every letter, it is your choice.
But I suggest starting today.

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