I remember when you were a child
You did not have much ambition,
You didn't think too much about the future
and that was fine because you had someone else doing that for you,
and you liked it that way,
you could focus on your chocolate milk and crayons,
you would read all your comics admiring the pictures for hours,
you could recall every line from Mean Girls,
and you were proud
Nothing could faze you,
Innocent, Naive, and unwavering

It seems that the times have passed,
Your crayolas have been replaced with pens and pencils,
apparently milk contains hormones,
Reading comics take up time from memorizing all those chemistry formulas,
And why watch Mean Girls when you can watch Documentaries on why the current human dilemma is "Why the world sucks"

But you're fine
Because your crayons are still here,
the comics did not disappear,
Chocolate Milk is still the best thing besides pizza rolls,
and Mean Girls is still here.

All of these memories are replaying in the background of your cerebrum,
while you memorize your chem,
and watch your useless documentaries,
and when you're ready to be a kid again, tell Glen Coco that he rocks

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I want to be a kid again