I wake up wondering how this day will end
I always wonder about these types of things
The world around me is so dull
Like the color gray
I brush my teeth, my hair, and take a shower
I don’t understand, why don’t I feel anything
I sit down and prepare my breakfast
I eat but the taste is different
It’s bland
What is this feeling
I feel as if I am not myself
The world around me is moving faster than I am
But the events in this place do not interest me
The people in this place are even more boring than anything
I don’t get it
I didn’t used to feel this way
What happened to me
What happened to this place
It’s all just
There was one person
She wasn’t boring
She made me laugh
I made her laugh
Where did she go
Why can’t I remember her
I don’t understand
I’m starting to hear things
These voices that tell me wrong
“I’m terrible”
“I’m worthless”
I don’t know where they came from
But they are annoying
But I can’t find the strength to tell these voices to
They’re getting louder
They’re hurting me
Why are the here
Stop making me feel this way
Their trying to take my voice
Is there anyone around
I can’t stand these voices anymore
No matter where I go
They never leave
What did I do to deserve this torture
Everyone sees me
But no one helps me
Many looked at me strangely
Are they trying to see these demons
Ready to accept the fact that these voices will be the death of me
Kill me now I’m lying on this street begging you
Please help

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there are certain things about this poem and other poems that you just need to figure out. Good Luck :)