Born asleep, how can that be?

Born sleeping, how can that be?
Am I awake or am I dreaming why can't I see,
The reason behind this pain why can't I see pass this rain.
Those little flutters those butterfly kisses that chased away all my fears.
When those butterflies flew away that's what brought all my tears.
Full of life and love the light inside me never did I think you go away.
Born asleep what did they just say?
I can't breathe I can't feel I know this can't be real.
This pain in my heart is unimaginable to feel.
They must be talkin about me this has to be a dream.
This isn't happening I'm falling apart at the seam.
I look at you your innocent smile.
Yes I admit I'm in denial.
I hold you now kissing your face those two little dimples,
Life is complicated, crazy yet so simple.
So simple I repeat to your little ears take a breath,
No it's not time my baby's not ready for death.
Born sleeping, how can that be?
God how I wish instead of you it was me.
I've seen the world but what have you seen?
What color are your eyes brown, blue, green?
I'll never know.
Wake from your dreams baby I need you so.
Born asleep, how can that be?
I just hope you dream of daddy and me.

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