Born in a Questionable World

What was once real, but rare to find now?
Living, love, care, peace, and even giving
Or were those just broken vows, that people used for sinning
Why does Mother Nature hurt us in every way?
Is it because we take advantage of her?!
And destroy her children day by day
Causing her to release a deadly plague
That will rise soon to kill again
Who are really the people?!
Are they the ones that leave this world fast?!
Or just the bad, that don't consider no one equal
While enemies make wars
That one day will end us with a blast
Leaving nothing but broken ashes, in the sand
When will this vain end?
To seek custody in others for once!
Bringing us closer for this life can actually begin
No more spilling hate, for color or taste
We are one only, if we learn to cooperate
Where does this fierce omen arise from in our heads?
Making us inhuman, as we watch the skies release its feelings!
Washing down the dirts!
Of what was once living, but 'tis now dead
Realizing the true meaning of life itself, like a book
Filled with madness, pain, happiness, even anew beginning of an end

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