Born in the Grave

She had serious anger issues
a walking time-bomb set to explode
Only took the slightest untoward look
to make her lose all self-control
Sent her careening down the path
of a bleak penitentiary life
Another not-at-home mother
Another absentee wife

So what became of the husband you ask
Her ten-year sparring partner
On the first anniversary of
when her fiery blast went off
He was drunk driving ninety
a blazing vehicular Molotov
Crash burn black hearst
When she heard news of his death
she mourned him with a curse

So what became of the kids you ask
Five children left home alone
Got buried beneath the emotional rubble
their innocence vaporized ... pppfftt ... gone
They were children conceived in make-up lust
between rounds of fights royale
They were children raised in abject neglect
destined to only experience living hell

They were children born without hope
they were children born in the grave
They were children already dead
before ever their first breath was made

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