Born to be Different

All my life, they kept telling me
that I would never be a better me
and that I would always come in last,
just like the position of the letter Z
and no one will ever remember me
because there is apparently nothing special about me
Those words hurt deep
and even knocked me off my feet

Despite it, I always landed on my knees
saying that You are all that I need
That would give me enough strength to stand back on my feet
and continue to take the heat
from those who couldn't see the plans He had for me
That I was specifically designed to be significantly
different from all those around me

When I was rejected continuously
by those who didn't quite understand me
I would pick up a pen and pad quickly
to help ease the pain deep down inside of me

Now I get to do what I never dreamed
use a sweet sixteen
to reach those just like me
who experienced so much negativity
because you were definitely designed differently

Now for those who feel like they will
never come in first, just like the letter B
just remember you were designed uniquely
by the one who spoke and the world came to be
Not to mention, He loves you deeply

I know it hurts deep when others say you'll
never be worth anything
but instead of taking heed to what they and taking a knee
remember that on the course of chasing dreams and fulfilling
your destiny there will always be constant negativity

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