Born to Hustle

Born to hustle, In this life I struggle, Sacrifice was the way of life,And gave you muscles,Hercules would envy me, poverty I suffered,Obviously, Made me a g to rise up out the rubble, got ties with real guys,that would die,for one another, In these streets they hard keep, nothing like your brother’s, Pay attention, Cause real intention creep undercover, love to sneak, and be discreet, til time to cause trouble ,Misery loves company,to hate on each other, So damn fake, you taste the cake,every time they stutter,what more can I say, BORN TO HUSTLE LIVE THREW THE PAIN,BANG FOR YOUR BROTHER,CONCOURER,THE STUGGLE, BEAT THE GAME CONTROL, YOUR ON HUSTLE,CAKE IN THOSE WILL ALWAYS SHOW, FAKE NEGROS,GET MONEY,CAUSE MONEY IS CONTAIOUS SO. Money making is contagious like the common cold, instead pox I get spots, to set up shop on, truth be told, I’ve never sold,just put ya on, once you taste it off to the races, Now get your money long, told u it was contagious,you done bought the farm,no need to be alarmed,get ya hustle on.

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This Poems Story

The struggles of the street life.