When I was five,
playing in our garden one evening.
With the cool breeze,
brushing upon my cheeks.
The soft feel of the lush green grass blades,
against my hands.
The fresh fragrance of the flowers,
and the clear blue skies.
The world felt so perfect, simple and beautiful !

I longed to stay forever,
in this magical moment,
connected with the divinity of nature.
My spirit knew no boundaries,
for I was reigning over the world !

As time went by, the selfishness, betrayal,
seeming so prevalent around,
the Ego of people,
inflicting in them the desire to rule over others,
made me believe this was the way of the world.

For there is a subtle difference,
between Ruling and Reigning !

When we Rule over others,
we distance ourselves from the Supreme Being,
from our Consciousness seated,
deep within our heart and soul.

It is when we are in connect,
with the Divine Supremacy within,
with the trust as innocent as a child’s,
is when we truly reign,
and this Reign of Divinity lasts forever !

Years later, one day as my son,
my little Krishna was playing in the park,
he looked at me with his twinkling eyes,
and the same voice echoed through him,
“Born to Rule, No Ma, We are born to Reign !”

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