Borrowed Hip-hop voodoo

Seventh heavens angelic melodies pouring fourth; with favored chimes of springs budding rainbow twinkled
honeysuckles gently sway from the delicate morning breeze.
Sing song birds and the Tcha Tcha inspired the maraca; the means and the rattle quiet whispers of
senoritas, Mama Mambos and Papa Bokos continues the sonnet.
Sensations sweet sweat drip from the line segmented sun.
Citizens of eastern and southern Ghana clapping to the pounding drums; the warm, pleasant beat of
the rising red sun and the intertwined, anomaly, morning star gives pace to the clock.
Sole pounds, soil up rises; to enchanted, intoxicated dance inhaling ancestral heritage with bounty and
exhaling to the maracas rattle; inebriated by the majestic rhythm.

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