Borrowed Life

My life I do not own
It was given to me on a loan
So I could never label it mine
Since it will eventually run out of time
With this comes responsibilities
Like thinking of others and not just me
This life does not guarantee me a thing
Just have to embrace and deal with whatever it brings
The point I am at now I have to be glad
Because I have already lived twice as long as others have
Everybody doesn't get what I've been given
So I have to appreciate living
It's not just life that's the gift
It's also what you can and will experience
I'm going to be thankful whenever it ends
Because it was a blessing to have even begin
Even those moments when bad things come my way
I'll still be appreciative to have had that day
Every single day has to be treated as gold
Because one day time I will no longer hold
And if it was taken away tomorrow
That's okay, it was only intended to be borrowed

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