Boston’s Burning

Tragedy strikes when we least expect it,
Right before the anticipated bell,
Bang, everything we know and love turns to Hell,
In the blink of an eye, two explosions, pop pop,
Innocent lives screaming because their loved ones are dying,
Then comes the running,
Then comes the chaos streaming from a warzone’s crime scene plopped right in our backyard,
A quarter-mile long bloodstain that turns emotions off and our brains hard,
We are cursing God that this happened to us,
To America, the part whose initials spell “us” plus the letter “A”,
We are saddened that our brethren have lost limbs and lives,
Ain’t no silver lining here, just panicked civvies and coppers swarming like flies,
While dead innocents collect maggots at the spot that they died,
As their loved ones sit with tears in their eyes,
And still, we pray this doesn’t get worse when we know it already will,
Now we got victims in the hospitals like the black plague got ill,
Their limbs sawed off and sutured like the Civil War with pills,
Yeah, it’s horrific and tragic,
But we got to stand up turn this darkness into magic,
Just like the battle at Lexington and Concord,
We must stand as an impenetrable wall and march forth America,
Through all the unrest and all the internal political turmoil,
Take up your arms and slash back at those that spoil,
You think you put out the fire?
You stupid man, you just torched the oil,
Because our brains are on fire; on them, one desire,
To suck the life out of those cowards like bloodthirsty vampires,
Because we’re that angry, because we’re that pissed,
How could something like that be missed?
I mean, it ain’t like it came out of the mist,
And said “Hey, I’m here! You’re dead now and won’t be missed.”
Yeah, it sucks but it brings us together,
And reminds us why we’ll be America forever,
USA first, political divisions vomiting,
Tonight we’re sickened in unity, for Boston is burning and hobbling,
Trying to keep from toppling.

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