There she goes again the girl of my dreams
Gods gift to this world a true prize
And here I am like a stalker hiding behind a locker
Just to get a glimpse of her eyes
Oh no she’s coming this way, what do I say
Come on Chris get it together
She’s almost here time to swallow my fears
Hey Erica, do you like today’s weather
Such a dumb thing to say but it worked anyway
She’s talking to me this is it
This moment is amazing but I can’t hear what she’s saying
Because I’m too busy focusing on her lips
Come on stupid just nod your head
And repeat after me, umhum, that’s crazy
For real, she did what? Oh girl that’s messed up
I think its working keep it up don’t get lazy
Ask her a question to see if she’s interesting
So Erica do you like the movies
Come on you can do better ask her something cleaver
Everyone likes the movies
Man this is awkward it’s definitely not going well
I don’t know what else to say and I think she can tell
I have to make a move it’s truly now or never
Rejection only last a minute but regret can last forever
Should I just tell her how I feel? Why not I already done the math
Taking advantage of this moment can end with her being my better half
What the hell here goes nothing I don’t have anything to lose
So Erica dinner or a movie with me you choose?
Today’s a great day I’m riding on cloud 9
Heart racing like I just seen a ghost
Nothing could be better not even today’s weather
Because she just replied to me BOTH

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