Limited and restricted,
do I prefer that?
Victim and a hostage,
do I go with that?
Separated and enclosed,
yet allowed to be oneself.
Die captive,
like a pet.
Boundaries that frees one.

At times freed,
But awaits all summonings.
All said grasped,
and not practised,
then a different approach.
One's own path,
one's own bills.

"All" , doesn't work,
it's all that compels.
Life fully booked,
discipline and obedience entailed.
"Bound for low", not,
but for opposite.

Rough so caring,
unfair but a favour.
So Good so unfair(lots of greatness).
Bounds that offers,
bounds that mould.
One's boundaries,
one's laugh or cry.
One's life, one's boundaries.

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This Poems Story

The Writer tells us about how one may be bounded for all good. Not evil, caged inside goodness and hostage of good. A victim of favour.