Box of Love

I’m trapped

not knowing the intricate key

comprehending how I got in a box full of nothing

remember the first time I saw you at that door

thinking you will be the cure to be being insecure

never knew the fun times I will have with you

not wanting it to stop because you make me feel alive

but caring for you created a monster inside me

helping you become the women you want to be

never would understand how I got put on the sidelines

can’t do anything because only when I with you I come to life

when your gone I’m about to die

can’t stop this feeling I have for you

when your not beside me I feel blue

eternally trapped in this emptiness and can’t get out

they call it the box of love

where one person falls apart without their beloved

they say there is only one key to get out of this misery

and that is to become one flesh


you have to figure out the rest….

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This Poems Story

Love can trap you in a box full of nothing if God is not in the relationship