Knight moves forward
Pawn takes a step
Queen goes left
Dad and mom play all day
And in one moment it is gone
Shudder, Cough, Fall, Last Breath
Life’s toll done, Reaper’s early harvest
Funeral day tons of guest
Boxwood all along her grave
Goodbye my Queen
My father is strong
No tears leave his eyes
He says his prayer and moves on
Telling others it’s okay
She is in a better place
My father so un-phased
Two years later he is quite
Keeps to himself but smiles to neighbors
But outside is an illusion
Raining night, clock strikes one
Safety, Cock, Head, Trigger, Bang
Harvest time once again
Find the body holding tight
Boxwood Queen in hand
You poor fool you held too tight
You never cried a tear
So you’re no longer here
My father wasn’t ready
He was broken down inside
So take a breath, close your eyes
Cause boxwood has taken twice
Dig the grave write the stone
two days later chessboard out
King, Queen fallen Pawn still stands
Just like Father
Safety, Cock, Head, Trigger, Bang
Even the pawns will fall

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