Boy to men or monsters

Boys to men or monsters

Dry your eyes you feel no pain
your so strong nothing can make you break
it's just a bump cut or bruise it will go away soon
simple words that cuz so much misunderstanding
we all want love but not many of us understand it
you can be shown but never explained
the same reason she cries at night because she doesn't feel his heart beats the same
bottled and stiffed he gives you what he can
but it's not exactly what you ineed but most of the feelings you want
are the ones he was told he doesn't need to feel
to deep makes you seem weak

judged as wolves someone has to be sheep
victims to our own minds a vicious cycle just repeats
if you've never ridden a bicycle should you be
expected to hop on and just know what to do
there aren't enough skills to build exactly what will suit you emotional growth is all part of the human process
men mature slower because the freedom to explore self is closed to a confined space
be tough stay strong make her happy and you will survive
alot of close minded ppl refuse the truth with wide open eyes
no excuses for the loose fit cuz one size doesn't fit all
so issues don't resolve toxicity spreads societies moral standards fall

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