Boy With The Camera

My memory runs away from me
Just like everything else
Because everything in the world ends
There is the end to suffering
But the end of happiness

I remember you took my heart with
That camera
No matter what a do I will always be yours
You took it all
And I cannot ask for it back

There comes a time the light is too bright
I am blind
The flash hurts but it’s worth it
I’m exhausted but it’s worth it
The hardest part is the beginning

We have found the key to life
You needn’t live forever
Let’s take everything
And never come back
Now hit the button

Hello boy with the camera
Don’t tell anyone about us
Just take the picture
Make it timeless


There are few things time is afraid of
One, a camera
And two, love
Though sadly I know what a camera is afraid of
The only way this would work out is
If we want it
Do I really want it?

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