Brain damage

Brain damage

I'm getting older and getting colder
with frost slipping into my door
there's holes in my brain, where cornflakes remain
and nothing matters to me anymore

My doc says i'm sane when i ask him his name
said i'm not to blame for your soul
his eyes looked right through me, my thoughts started soothing
his mind floating into my pores

Each sentence he smiles
with a frown upside down, through an emptiness of a warm covered child
i'm free to express and pay my respects, to all of my fallen dead clouds

You relieved from tears, when bending my ear
by slowly reducing the rain
the pain has sustained, my thoughts have been trained
your diplomas were never in vain

By curtailing my ills from atop of a hill, faces are melting that spill
they say that i'm lazy and not going crazy. where a prism of knowledge prevails

So nothing is gained and can't be explained
no matter the feelings i lost
life's always the same, when going insane
inside of my cold winter frost

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