Brain washed

Have you ever wondered why your truly here
Is it to find your loving dear
Or day by day live in constant fear
They say no-one knows what happens when we die
But if you don't mind if like to give it a try
See we start off young when we're most easily to be controlled
The lay us flat and start to roll
They tell us how to live how to eat how to breath
But while y'all are being told what to do your being blinded by the truth
You don't believe me I'll show you proof
Why do doctors try to keep you on this horrible planet
They keep us hear cuz they don't want us too take the easy way out
You see its all very simple they all work together and plan it
They tell us what to do and put us on that route
We're controlled believe it or not
But soon you shall see what I mean
For evil is close and on the rise
But see its in disguise
Behind another man's eyes
Wanna know who
Take a wild guess you
What is your purpose can you tell me
Or do you only see what they want you too see
We've been living in hell since 1995
You think I lie
I ask you why
But I hope you realize
What is soon too come
Humanity will fall
And there is nothing we can do to stall

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